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Additive CG for Lego

8.12.2021 | Tags: Additive, CGI

It was a thrill to work with one of our favourite companies, Lego on their very major campaign "Rebuild the World".  With photos supplied by Lego, we re-lit, created and added the CG elements

Additive - Porsche Cayenne

14.10.2020 | Tags: Additive, CGI, Cars

New work from Additive CGI. Cars 100% CGI and backplates shot in house! See more of Additive's cars here.

Home Working #1 - Additive CGI

7.4.2020 | Tags: Additive, CGI, home working

Whilst some people are filling in isolation time by knitting, as usual Additive have gone one better and are instead “CG knitting”; we were hoping for a woolly hat or gloves, but we got a hand grenade instead. It does however demonstrate that they can work to 100% of their normal capabilities without going out the front door, whether it’s still life like this knitting series, or “outdoors” using the latest photogrammetry landscapes.  See more of what they can do from their living room here.

Additive CGI - Costa

5.9.2019 | Tags: Additive, Drink

Additive CGI's new coffee in a can ad for Costa!

Additive CGI - Renault B10

24.7.2019 | Tags: Additive, Cars

Additive CGI beautifully 3D rendered the all-electric Renault B10

Additive CGI - Alpine A110

2.7.2019 | Tags: Additive, Cars

Additive CGI created the 2019 Renault Alpine A110s in CG. This wonderful car is carries the bloodline from the 1955 original. 

Additive CGI - Renault Clio 5

30.1.2019 | Tags: Additive, CGI, Cars

Blurring the distinction between CGI and reality, Additive  have created this amazing series for the new Renault Clio. As always, amazing attention to detail...

Backplate/talent photographer Uli Heckmann (New York)

Additive - Cars

28.8.2018 | Tags: Additive, Cars

Additive CGI have been hard at work making car ads. They've created so many cars now that we made a galleryto show it alll off! Simply click here.

Additive - Renault

27.7.2018 | Tags: Additive, Cars

Additive CGI is so realistic that we actually can't distinguish their work from photography, the difference being that they aren't limited by physical possibility. There are two CGI backgrounds in this series, can you guess which ones? Find the Renault Megane series and more in our brand new 'Car' gallery for Additive -here!

Additive - Cuprinol

19.4.2018 | Tags: Additive, CGI

When BBH London’s Kev and Richard wanted to “Make your garden a shade more interesting” with Cuprinol Shades, it would have been a nightmare to modelmake / photograph, so CGI by our Additive was the answer.

Additive CGI - Porsche

5.3.2018 | Tags: Additive, CGI, Cars

This new set of Porsche work is 100% CGI!!! Crafted by the boys at Additive CGI. The car and the background were all created using photogrammetry techniques.

Additive CGI - Dacia Duster

6.10.2017 | Tags: Additive, CGI, Cars

The car is 100% CGI! Here's a new set of images from the boys at Additive CGI, combining photography, 2D and 3D post production.
See more CG work over on their gallery here.

Neon from Additive CGI

29.11.2016 | Tags: Additive, CGI, Still Life

Bam! Sock! Kapow! The boys at Additive CGI have been busy creating this new personal series of neon signs. 

Additive CGI - Audi SQ5

31.10.2016 | Tags: Additive, CGI, Cars

100% CGI!!! Here's a new piece from the boys at Additive CGI.
See more CG work over on their gallery here.

Additive - Film4 Summer Screen

9.6.2016 | Tags: Additive, CGI

Film4 commisioned our CGI duo Additive, to create a dinamic image for their Summer screenings at Somerset house.

Running from the 4th-17th August 2016, the open air cinema is a must-go-to summer attraction with movies such as... Trainspotting, 10 things I hate about you, Jackie Brown, and Funny Face. 

Additive CGI - Infopresse

31.5.2016 | Tags: Additive, CGI

The Additive CGI boys, in collaboration with photographer Andric,  combined their CG and retouch skills to produce this piece of mind-bending digital imagery for Infopresse. 

Additive - Nissan X-Trail

18.5.2016 | Tags: Additive, CGI, Cars

Here's a new shot of the Nissan X-Trail from the boys at Additive CGI

See more CG work over in their gallery here, including more mind blowingly realistic car work.

Wrigleys from Additive CGI

5.5.2016 | Tags: Additive, CGI

The team at Additive CGI have just produced this cute little animation for Wrigleys. 

See more mind blowing CG work over in their gallery here. And lots more moving image over at Horton's-Shortuns.

Additive CGI - Digital City for Avianca - Star Alliance

22.9.2015 | Tags: Additive, CGI

The boys at Additive CGI were so excited when they were asked to create a digital city to celebrate Avianca in Brazil joining Star Alliance.

Additive CGI's Knitted Weapons

28.4.2015 | Tags: Additive, CGI

We showed you Additive's knitted grenade a few months back. Well the boys have come back with a couple more additions to their Knitted Weapons series. 

These images are 100% CGI - the detail will blow you away!

Knitted Grenades from Additive CGI

1.4.2015 | Tags: Additive, CGI

The Additive boys have been working hard on a new series of knitted weapons.

The first in the series is this knitted grenade. 

Remember folks, this is CGI! And we must say we think they're pretty damn good!

Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the series... coming soon!

For more knock-your-socks-off CGI, head over to Additive's gallery... here.

Kelloggs Book

7.9.2014 | Tags: Additive, CGI

The chaps at Additive have been hard at work again on this CGI pop-up book for Kelloggs.

Additive CGI

21.2.2014 | Tags: Additive, CGI

Creating imagery of balls of floating liquid is no mean feat! Fortunately we have our CGI team - Additive, to make such things come to light.

Additive CGI

7.1.2014 | Tags: Additive, CGI

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014. A new year, and here we are already reminiscing about the year passed.

2013 was a great year for Horton-Stephens. A highlight was working along side our good friends at Leo Burnett once again. Teaming the CGI talents of Additive, with the photography of Nick Dolding, we were able to help produce this fantastic set of ads.

Additive CGI x Nick Dolding

9.9.2013 | Tags: Additive, Nick Dolding, CGI

One of our great CG artists, Additive, have been flat out producing a series of images for Leo Burnett / McDonald's. With photography of the children from our very own Nick Dolding, these images need to be seen large scale to appreciate their magnificent detail. Look out for those 48 sheets!

UM -CGI take on Cadburys with Saatchi

4.7.2013 | Tags: CGI, Additive

Did you know we also represent two fantastic CGI studios!

Here's the latest from one of them - UM - CGI. Welcome to Joyville. Created for Cadburys with Saatchi X.

Additive CGI for More Than

2.4.2013 | Tags: Additive, CGI

Our newest addition, Additive CGI, have just completed this job for More Than.

Click here to see more of their unbelievable CGI.

Proud to representing Additive CGI

2.4.2013 | Tags: Additive, CGI, Cars

It's great to be representing new CGI Studio Additive. Comprised of just two very talented artists (sorry, no flashy office or leggy secretaries), with us handling the production flow you'll never end up speaking the oily rag. Check out the full range of their brilliant work here.

Jason Knott's new biker series

28.1.2013 | Tags: Jason Knott, Additive, CGI

Jason Knott's new biker series is seriously cool - rev-up and rock on! Click here to see the selects. More fantastic retouching by Additive Studio.

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