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New Images

10.11.2021 | Tags: Food, Karen Thomas, Drink

Lovely shots and all the food can be part of your, ahem, "new healthy lifestyle".  If only...

Karen Thomas - From Here to There

18.3.2021 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food, Drink, moving image

Karen Thomas takes us on a caffeine fuelled coffee journey - from bean to cup in the latest example of her directing skills, From Here to There. We have an updated selection of work directed by her online over at Horton's Short'Uns.

Karen Thomas - Costa Chocolate Orange

19.11.2020 | Tags: Food, Drink, Christmas

To satisfy the sweet tooths out here... here's Karen Thomas' new work for Costa Christmas. 

Home Working #3 - Phil Sills

20.4.2020 | Tags: Phil Sills, Drink, home working

Phil Sills is known for liking a drink and now he’s doing it at home. Rather than being the beginning of a worrying habit, in these lockdown days, it makes a lot of sense and this latest shows what he’s able to achieve working from his home studio. Click here to see the BTS.

Karen Thomas - Love at First Sip

14.2.2020 | Tags: Drink, Food, Karen Thomas

A special Valentines Costa served up by our very own Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas - Costa Blue

13.2.2020 | Tags: Drink, Food

Karen Thomas is keeping busy with yet more work for Costa Coffee.

Karen Thomas - Costa Xmas 19

27.11.2019 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food, Drink, Christmas

Karen Thomas has shot all of Costa's Xmas 2019 in-store material. Keep an eye out next time you're grabbing your morning cup. 

Phil Sills - New Drinks

4.11.2019 | Tags: Drink, Phil Sills

Some great new shots in from Phil Sills. Cheers!

Karen Thomas - Costa

11.9.2019 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Drink

Karen Thomas shot some delicious motion for Costa, more moving image through here

Additive CGI - Costa

5.9.2019 | Tags: Additive, Drink

Additive CGI's new coffee in a can ad for Costa!

Karen Thomas - Costa Iced Drinks 2019

8.5.2019 | Tags: Drink, Karen Thomas

Cool and smooth...that’s Karen Thomas latest work for Costa’s lovely summer drinks.


Phil Sills - New Drinks Shots 2019

10.4.2019 | Tags: Drink, Phil Sills

A couple of new ones from Phil Sills, showing us why he's our resident drinks photographer.

Chelsea Bloxsome - Innocent Milk Video

25.1.2019 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Drink

Got milk? Lactose intolerant? Well today’s your lucky day, because Innocent launched their line of dairy free milks! Photographed in a nutshell by the lovely Chelsea Bloxsome

Karen Thomas - Costa 2019

15.1.2019 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food, Drink

Tasty, a little bit saucy and very glamorous. And that's just Karen Thomas!  New work for Costa with BBH London.

Jack Terry - KeepCup Video

8.1.2019 | Tags: Jack Terry, Charity, Drink

Jack Terry is as comfortable shooting stills as he is shooting moving image. Jack shot this one for KeepCup, a new brand of re-usable, bio friendly coffee cup.

James Bowden - Yallah Coffee

25.10.2018 | Tags: James Bowden, reportage, Drink, Food

James Bowden travels to Nicaragua with Yallah Coffee on a search for the best beans!

Phil Sills - Guinness

19.10.2018 | Tags: Phil Sills, Drink, Still Life

Phil Sills is our boy from the black stuff. At only 125 calories per pint, why stop at just one? 

Phil Sills - Maltsmiths

10.7.2018 | Tags: Phil Sills, Drink

Freshening up our news feed with this new campaign from our drinks photographer extraordinaire, Phil Sills, for Maltsmiths Lager. Moving image to follow too!

Chelsea Bloxsome - New Innocent

25.6.2018 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Still Life, Drink, Food

Chelsea loves shooting for Innocent...and we love these new shots 

Karen Thomas - Costa Imax

16.5.2018 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Drink, Food, in print

Karen Thomas' new work for Costa is currently wrapped around the BFI IMAX at waterloo - it doesn't get much bigger than that! Keep your eyes peeled for a whole new raft of Costa work coming soon...

Phil Sills - Miller

19.4.2018 | Tags: Phil Sills, Drink

Sparks were flying on this latest shoot for Miller with Phil Sills.

New Work From Phil Sills

21.11.2017 | Tags: Drink, Phil Sills

Macro cocktail shot from Phil Sills to get your taste buds tingling!

Phil Sills Showreel

20.10.2017 | Tags: Phil Sills, Drink, moving image

Phil Sills has a brand new showreel! See his latest with Jose Cuervo, Bombay Sapphire and Seedlip Gin.

Phil Sills - Jose Cuervo

11.10.2017 | Tags: Phil Sills, moving image, Drink

Phil Sills recently shot his favourite Tequila. He had time on his hands to create his own director's cut, and here it is...

Phil Sills - Tiger

26.9.2017 | Tags: Phil Sills, Drink

New work for Tiger Beer from Phil Sills. See more of his commissioned drinks work in his gallery - here.

Chelsea Bloxsome - Innocent Super Juice

31.7.2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Drink, Still Life

More new work by Chelsea Bloxsome for Innocent Super Juice.

Phil Sills - Bombay Sapphire

25.7.2017 | Tags: Drink, Phil Sills

'Little differences make all the difference'. Phil Sills has been getting creative with flavours to compliment Bombay Sapphire Gin. 

Chelsea Bloxsome - Innocent Bubbles

27.6.2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Drink

Chelsea Bloxsome recently shot the new campaign for Innocent Bubbles. 

Chlesea Bloxsome - Innocent Benelux

22.6.2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Drink

More new work from Chelsea Bloxsome for Innocent – this time for the Benelux regions.

Tia Maria - Eugenio Franchi

14.11.2016 | Tags: Eugenio Franchi, Still Life, Drink

Eugenio Franchi has just shot this new ad for Tia Maria as part of their 'Coffee Lovers Unite' campaign. The shot was launched alongside the drink at London's cocktail week earlier in the month.

New work from Eugenio Franchi

24.8.2016 | Tags: Eugenio Franchi, Drink

With the football season well underway Eugenio Franchi has created this personal work to celebrate.

Miller Light - Marco Mori

21.7.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, Drink

Marco Mori has just shot this new campaign for Miller Light.

Spotted - Marco Mori's Moretti on Brick Lane

20.7.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, landscape, Still Life, observational, Drink

If you go down to Brick Lane today you'll see Marco Mori's fantastic new poster for Birra Moretti

New Drinks from Eugenio Franchi

31.5.2016 | Tags: Eugenio Franchi, Drink, Still Life

Eugenio Franchi ushers us into summer with some drinks shots.

Lots more refreshing drinks over in Eugenio's gallery - here.

Guinness - Eugenio Franchi

16.3.2016 | Tags: Eugenio Franchi, Drink, Still Life

Eugenio Franchi is in high spirits this St. Patricks day with this new shoot for Guinness. 

Eugenio Franchi

27.6.2014 | Tags: Eugenio Franchi, Still Life, Drink

A beautiful new shot from our drinks photographer extraordinaire - Eugenio Franchi. Just in time for the weekend!

See more of Euge's drinks over in his drinks folio.

Eugenio Franchi for Actimel

27.2.2014 | Tags: Eugenio Franchi, Drink, Still Life

A great new shot from Eugenio Franchi.

Shot for Actimel / RKCR/Y&R

George Logan's pretty polly for Volvic

16.6.2013 | Tags: George Logan, Drink

We've been seeing this pretty polly popping up around town. Shot by George Logan with RKCR/Y&R for Volvic.

See more of George's great campaign work here.

Wilson Hennessy shows us how to work with colour

12.6.2013 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Drink

Wilson Hennessy does it again, working with Atelier London to produce these fantastic, vibrant images for Vitamin Water.

The boy really knows how to work with colour.

Eugenio Franchi's new drink shots!

26.6.2012 | Tags: Eugenio Franchi, Drink, Still Life

We like to think that the glass is always at least half full with Eugenio Franchi. We've just added these new shots to his portfolio.

To see more of Eugenio's drinks, click here.

News... Wilson Hennessy

1.2.2012 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Drink

Just before Xmas we started working with photographer Wil Hennessy , a man of boundless energy, Wil has been providing us with more and more material for his folio which we hope you will view. A client recently asked for more bottle shots, so Wil shot some more! This arrived hours later, thanks Wil.

To view Wilson's online gallery, click here.

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