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Pink Lady Photo Awards

9.4.2024 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, award, studio


4.2.2024 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Advert

McDonald's Drips and Spritz

29.8.2023 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Still Life, Food, Drink

Beautiful spritz and drip's for McDonalds by Chelsea Bloxsome 


16.5.2023 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Advert

Sharing just got saucier... 

It's a Wrap on the new Lookbook

16.1.2023 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Still Life, studio


If we aren't eating food, we're thinking about it here at Horton-Stephens! Our newest Lookbook shows all things edible, shot by a selection of our photographers. One of these being Chelsea Bloxsome, who's recently shot for McDonald's, take a peek here! 

Eat, drink and be merry

15.12.2022 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Drink, Still Life, studio

Shots for Pizza Express's Christmas campaign by Chelsea Bloxsome. 

McCafé Iced

25.10.2022 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Drink, Still Life, Food, gif

We're lovin' it... 



Pizza Express Summer

14.6.2022 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, campaign

More Pizza Express! This time food and drink focussed and shot by our Chelsea Bloxsome

Knolling Soups

2.12.2021 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Still Life

Chelsea Bloxomse is quite meticulous when it comes to her soup prep. Here's a lovely new graphic series entitled Knolling Soups, with depictions of Gazpacho, Minestrone and Pumpkin soup. 

Chelsea Bloxsome - Growing Underground

19.7.2021 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Still Life

New work from Chelsea Bloxsome for Growing Underground, a company at the forefront of agriculture and herb cultivation. These micro bouquets were no bigger than a hand in size!

Chelsea Bloxsome - Source to Sauce

18.2.2021 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, animation

Source to Sauce, a new series from Chelsea Bloxsome in collaboration with food stylist Liam Baker.

Chelsea Bloxsome - Kellogg's

1.2.2021 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, graphic, campaign

New work for Kellogg's from Chelsea Bloxsome. This new campaign benefitted from Chelsea's signature graphic food photography approach. See more in here gallery here

Chelsea Bloxsome - Deconstructions

23.9.2020 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Still Life, Food

A new series of culinary deconstructions from Chelsea Bloxsome.

Lockdown Q&A - Chelsea Bloxsome

27.5.2020 | Tags: lockdown q&a, Chelsea Bloxsome

Here's another Q&A, this time with Chelsea Bloxsome.

Happy International Women's Day!

8.3.2019 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, promotional, Karen Thomas, Chelsea Bloxsome

On this special day we thought we'd share our favourite pictures from the women on our roster, Karen Thomas, Chelsea Bloxsome and Ilka (from Ilka & Franz)

Chelsea Bloxsome - Innocent Milk Video

25.1.2019 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Drink

Got milk? Lactose intolerant? Well today’s your lucky day, because Innocent launched their line of dairy free milks! Photographed in a nutshell by the lovely Chelsea Bloxsome

2018: Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

21.12.2018 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, moving image

Chelsea Bloxsome, made this video a few days ago... Xmas Dinner from start to finish in a matter of seconds!  Although we want our Xmas to last and last, it seemed like a fitting way to post our last Latest news of 2018. Happy Xmas to One and All and we look forward to speaking in 2019

Chelsea Bloxsome - New Innocent

25.6.2018 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Still Life, Drink, Food

Chelsea loves shooting for Innocent...and we love these new shots 

Chelsea Bloxsome - Shell Cinemagraphs

4.4.2018 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, moving image, cinemagraph

Chelsea Bloxsome has been keeping busy with these new cinemagraphs. See the set, plus more, over in her cinemagraph gallery - here.

Chelsea Bloxsome - Cinemagraphs

10.10.2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, moving image

It might not tick the low-cal box, but these new shots from Chelsea Bloxsome are part of a new set of cinemagraphs.

Chelsea Bloxsome - Innocent Super Juice

31.7.2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Drink, Still Life

More new work by Chelsea Bloxsome for Innocent Super Juice.

Chelsea Bloxsome - Innocent Bubbles

27.6.2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Drink

Chelsea Bloxsome recently shot the new campaign for Innocent Bubbles. 

Chlesea Bloxsome - Innocent Benelux

22.6.2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Drink

More new work from Chelsea Bloxsome for Innocent – this time for the Benelux regions.

Food Photography Awards - Chelsea Bloxsome places Third!

2.5.2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, awards

Chelsea Bloxsome had a ball last night at the Food Photography Awards, coming 3rd in the Marks & Spencers Food Portraiture category.

Christmas Wrapping with Chelsea Bloxsome

20.12.2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Christmas

Chelsea Bloxsome creates her own festive wrapping paper for this years festive and jolly season! Christmas just isn't christmas without a limitless number of mince pies and those never-ending brussel sprouts. 

Merry Christmas!

Chelsea Bloxsome - Butter that loves you back

26.9.2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food

Chelsea Bloxsome recently shot this heart warming advert for Benecol.

Chelsea Bloxsome - Exploding food

23.9.2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food

Chelsea Bloxsome has been experimenting in the kitchen. 

Christmas Comes Early

14.9.2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, moving image, Food

Christmas seems to come around earlier and earlier, so we wanted to make damn sure we were the first this year.

Some moving image by Chelsea Bloxsome

For more moving image work, see our sister site Horton's Shortun's here

Pink Lady Food Photography Awards

10.8.2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, awards, Food, Platform

Both Chelsea Bloxsome and our Platform photographer Alessandra Spairani were named during the annual Pink Lady Food photography awards.

Chelsea Bloxsome won Silver in the 'Food for the Family' category whilst Alessandra was commended for her melting ice cream balls image in the  'Marks and Spencers Food Portraiture' category.

Vodafone - Marco Mori & Chelsea Bloxsome

8.6.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Still Life

Marco Mori and Chelsea Bloxsome have just joined forces on this new campaign for Vodafone. 

Bouquets of Kindness

26.4.2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Marco Mori

It was smiles all round at Floral Angels after they recieved over 7000 tulips, kindly donated by Vodafone, following a recent shoot with our Marco Mori and Chelsea Bloxsome.

Disgusting Made Delicious - Chelsea Bloxsome

25.1.2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food

Chelsea Bloxsome teamed up with creatives Laura Clark and Elliott Star on this great new series - 'Disgusting Made Delicious'.

You may not want to view this one during lunchtime... 

Chelsea Bloxsome

1.11.2015 | Tags: Food, Chelsea Bloxsome

We've added some new work to Chelsea Bloxsome's folio, including this ice cream shot. Go check it out - here.

Chelsea Bloxsome - The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2015 Awards

7.5.2015 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food

Congratulations to our Chelsea Bloxsome on her 'highly commended' in the Pink Lady Food awards for this beaut of a shot!

See more of Chelsea's glorious food photography over in her gallery here.


5.3.2015 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food

Here's a couple of mouth watering pies to sink your... eyes into!

Why pies you may ask....? Well it's British Pie Week of course!

Mayfair Kitchen ads from Chelsea Bloxsome

21.10.2014 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food

A stunning new set of ads for the new MayFair Kitchen Restaurant by our lovely Chelsea Bloxsome.

Everyone give a warm welcome to our new recruit... Chelsea Bloxsome

12.9.2013 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food

Introducing a new player to the Horton-Stephens team...

Everybody give a warm welcome to Chelsea Bloxsome.

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