Lockdown Q&A - Chelsea Bloxsome

27.5.2020 | Tags: lockdown q&a, Chelsea Bloxsome

Here's another Q&A, this time with Chelsea Bloxsome.

Who is your favourite photographer, historical or contemporary or both and why?
Julia Margaret Cameron is definitely a contender for me as she was a true pioneer for photography and for women. Photography was hard work back then but she forged her own unique path and I admire that so much.  Her images are hauntingly beautiful, I hung one on my wall "Iago" but was a little too overcome with the emotion it portrayed I had to take it down again, might be time to get it back out.

Why did you take up photography as a career initially, and how did you get your first break into the business?
I came to London to pursue two things acting and photography, I was not a very good actor.  I started assisting several photographers and it rolled on from there until one day my work got spotted in an awards show, thanks Horton-Stephens. 

If you had to have one, what would be your favourite photograph that you have taken, and why? 
One of my favourite pictures I’ve taken is of a green lipped abalone caught in western Australia by my brother. The vivid colours remind me of home and the subject reminds me of time spent with family

Why do you like being a photographer?
Photography has taken me all over the world, and has allowed  me to sit in my studio in Shoreditch London, creating images as a profession, how crazy, I still kick myself that I get to do this as a job.

If you were going to work in a field of photography other than your own, what would it be?
Marine Photography, I could happily live underwater, please let me grow gills like Kevin Costner 

If you hadn't become a photographer, what do you think you might be doing instead?
Marine archeology, I could see myself uncovering an anchient underwater city if I wasnt a little afraid of sharks.

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