George Logan - Adidas

George Logan freezes the action with Addidas' new 'Initiator' range of football boots. Thanks to all involved with the shoot!

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30 November 2018 | Tags: sports, George Logan

Phil Sills - Bowers and Wilkins

Phil Sills, our tech photographer, is Bowers and Wilkins photographer of choice! Here's Phil's latest for the leading sound company.

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29 November 2018 | Tags: Phil Sills, Still Life, Technology

Ilka & Franz - Pearn Kandola

Ilka & Franz have their cake...and eat it! It's their latest shoot for Pearn Kandola. 

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28 November 2018 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, Food, humour

Marco Mori Photographs Sir David Attenborough

Marco Mori appeared on the 10 o clock news last night, shooting Sir David Attenborough. This was ahead of his (David that is!) speech on climate change in the UN. He will take up the UN's "people's seat" at the opening of crucial climate change talks in December in Poland. 

Working alongside a moving image shoot is second nature for Marco as he does this often. It’s all a question of working under the extreme pressure of having almost no time to get your shot!

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22 November 2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, Celebrity

Wilson Hennessy - Samsung Hands

We're delighted that Wilson Hennessy's latest shoot for Samsung, is Campaign Magazines ad of the day! Let's give the boy a hand!

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21 November 2018 | Tags: awards, Wilson Hennessy, humour

Morten Borgestad - Lets Deal!

"Let's Deal" ? More like let's dance! Morten Borgestads latest series for Let's Deal in Sweden.

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20 November 2018 | Tags: Morten Borgestad, humour

George Logan - HSBC

George Logans new Thriving Hexagons' campaign for HSBC is out, and looks great! Geroge's gallery has been updated with all his new shoots.

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19 November 2018 | Tags: George Logan, Still Life

Jason Knott Shoots for P&O

Jason Knott carries on cruising, all hands on deck! 

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16 November 2018 | Tags: Jason Knott, Travel

Jack Terry Joins Horton-Stephens

We always get excited at the opportunity to present someone new to our stable so today is cause for celebration. Jack Terry joins with a selection of lively lifestyle and active imagery. There’s a new portfolio to go alongside our web gallery too.

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12 November 2018 | Tags: Portfolio, Jack Terry

Jan Steinhilber - Cars in Paris

Jan Steinhilber was waiting for an Uber... and then along came three at once! A new series shot in Paris.

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6 November 2018 | Tags: Jan Steinhilber, reportage, Cars

Fernando Milani - New Images

Our beauty photographer Fernando Milani sent us his latest. Strike a pose!

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1 November 2018 | Tags: Fernando Milani

Ilka & Franz - OAAA

Ilka & Franz were commissioned by Publicis to shoot for the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

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30 October 2018 | Tags: Ilka and Franz

Morten Borgestad - 2018 Showreel

We just received this recent reprise of some of our favourite Morten moments from the master of deadpan.

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30 October 2018 | Tags: Morten Borgestad, moving image

Nick Dolding - NHS

Nick Dolding shoots an idea for the NHS! Here's what he said about the shoot: "The shots are centred around the fact that most men are reluctant to go to the doctor when there’s a Problem! But here their alter ego is dragging them to the surgery. Needed to be quite precise with the set up’s and my assistant got dragged around a bit!"

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26 October 2018 | Tags: Nick Dolding, humour

James Bowden - Yallah Coffee

James Bowden travels to Nicaragua with Yallah Coffee on a search for the best beans!

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25 October 2018 | Tags: James Bowden, reportage, Drink, Food

Fernando Milani - Up Close

We love our resident beauty photographer Fernando Milani. Stylish as ever!

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24 October 2018 | Tags: Fernando Milani, hair, beauty, beauty

Gary Salter - Torremolinos

Life's a beach. Gary Salter shoots in Torremolinos. Find these shots in Gary's "Observations" gallery.

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23 October 2018 | Tags: Gary Salter, reportage, Travel

George Logan - Apes

It’s the launch of the Remembering Great Apes book this week, which features George Logan's image of Chela the Silverback.

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22 October 2018 | Tags: George Logan, animals, on location

Phil Sills - Guinness

Phil Sills is our boy from the black stuff. At only 125 calories per pint, why stop at just one? 

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19 October 2018 | Tags: Phil Sills, Drink, Still Life

Wilson Hennessy - Toyota USA

Wilson Hennessy shot a new brand Campaign for Toyota in the US, commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi. The sets were built in Costa Mesa, California.The fantastic locations are in Downtown LA and the nearby hills! 

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15 October 2018 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars, Travel

George Logan - Rain

New personal work from George Logan!

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9 October 2018 | Tags: George Logan, Portfolio, Portrait

Wilson Hennessy - Vauxhall

Wilson Hennessy's shots for Vauxhall are up all over town for McCann Erickson.

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8 October 2018 | Tags: Cars, Wilson Hennessy

Karen Thomas - Moving Image Showreel

Karen Thomas has been shooting as much moving image as stills lately, so we’re pleased to post her new showreel!

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4 October 2018 | Tags: Karen Thomas, moving image

Ilka & Franz - Rude Food

Ilka & Franz  get rude with this series of naughty vegetables for the Guardian.

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3 October 2018 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, Food, humour

Wilson Hennessy - E.ON

Slick animation from Wilson Hennessy for E.ON. It raises awareness of E.ON's 34% energy saving across 550 Marks and Spencer stores. Read E.ON's success story here:

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2 October 2018 | Tags: Karen Thomas, moving image

Jason Knott - Bluegrass

Jason Knott hanging out with some good ol' boys! Yee haw!

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1 October 2018 | Tags: Jason Knott, humour

New From Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas specialises in mouthwatering photography. Here's her latest series.

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28 September 2018 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Ilka & Franz - RNIB

A new campaign for sight loss charity RNIB, shot by Ilka & Franz. The duo were selected for their use of graphic still-life, which tied in perfectly with the charity's new visual identity. 


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27 September 2018 | Tags: Ilka and Franz

Wilson Hennessy - Top Gear

Top Gear turned 25! To commemorate the occasion Wilson Hennessy took these great shots!

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26 September 2018 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Travel, Cars

Phil Sills - PLAYR

Technology is another strong suit for Phil Sills. Here's his series for wearable technology brand, PLAYR, designed by Catapult Sports.

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25 September 2018 | Tags: Phil Sills, sports

Marco Mori - Anthony Joshua

Marco Mori, once again, comes face to face with undefeated UK heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua in this recent shoot for Lucozade Sport. 

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24 September 2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, Celebrity, sports

Nick Dolding - Inflatables

New jealousy inducing shots from Nick Dolding as the the summer season draws to a close...just like the sunset in this series! 

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21 September 2018 | Tags: Nick Dolding, on location, Travel

Ilka & Franz - Bottomless Brunch

Bottomless Brunch! The cheek of work by Ilka & Franz for Kein magazine. Big thanks to everyone involved!

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4 September 2018 | Tags: Food, Ilka and Franz

George Logan - Dogs

George Logan shot these handsome hounds for Bone Idol Originals, who create luxury apparel for style conscious dog lovers.


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31 August 2018 | Tags: George Logan, animals, humour

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