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Directed by our Louis-Jack, at long last you can see his beautiful (and acclaimed) short film, Petrichor. Click through for links to film.  Other motion work HERE

Tags: Louis-Jack14.1.2022

Karen Thomas

Veganuary 2022

Happy New Year! For those of you partaking in Veganuary this year, here's some inspiration from Karen Thomas.

Tags: Karen Thomas, Food6.1.2022

Short & Sweet


We love this new series from our short-form content specialists - Short & Sweet. See more stop-motion magic here

Tags: Short & Sweet, stop frame, animation, moving image15.12.2021

CG - Additive

Additive CG for Lego

It was a thrill to work with one of our favourite companies, Lego on their very major campaign "Rebuild the World".  With photos supplied by Lego, we re-lit, created and added the CG elements

Tags: Additive, CGI8.12.2021

Ilka & Franz


New work from Ilka & Franz. Shot to illustrate an article entitled 'Everyone’s gagging for it’ – how Britain got high on nitrous oxide' for the Guardian Magazine. 

Tags: Ilka and Franz, Still Life2.12.2021

Karen Thomas

Victoria Sponge

We love nothing more than a squidgy sponge cake! New from Karen Thomas. See more of here moving image work over on Horton's Short'Uns

Tags: Food, Karen Thomas2.12.2021

Shooting Alongside a TVC

Motion shoots alongside stills often see both departments competing with each other for limited resources; locations, talent, light, props and of course time. It’s easy to assume that the result will be compromised but that doesn’t have to be the case. As you’ll see, we’ve worked with the challenges it presents many, many times and we know all the pitfalls; shooting motion for TVCs ourselves we understand exactly how stills and motion need to get along.

Hoping to prove a point, we thought we’d collect together stills that we’ve shot during a motion production. All the images on this link were shot within the limitations that this way of working can impose, by four of our photographers particularly adept at this special way of working. 


Nick Dolding

H&T Jewellery

Some new work from Nick Dolding for H&T Jewellery.

Tags: Nick Dolding, Portrait12.11.2021

Gary Salter

LNER Back on Track Campaign

Another shoot by Gary working alongside colleagues shooting the TVC.  As always, time at an absolute premium and lots of pressure to get the best results. Luckily we're used to this!

Tags: Gary Salter10.11.2021

George Logan

Bensons Beds

"Wake up in a good place" for Bensons Beds & VCCP. There aren't many nicer places to wake up than the Lake District! Shot alongside the TVC, (something our photographers are expert at), shooting dawns and dusks meant, ironically, that no-one slept very well at all!

Tags: George Logan, landscape10.11.2021

Ilka & Franz


A new series from Ilka & Franz that has us feeling all tingly! Shot for the Observer Magazine to accompany this article on ASMR.

Tags: Ilka and Franz25.10.2021

Karen Thomas

New Graphic Food Work

Some new work from Karen Thomas, who's been showing us more of her colourful side. See lots more in her Graphic Food folio. 

Tags: Karen Thomas, Food, graphic12.10.2021

Nick Dolding

Boots Opticians - Signature

Nick Dolding shoots the latest campaign for Boots Opticians and their signature range. 

Tags: Portrait, Nick Dolding11.10.2021

Jason Knott

Restaurant 104

As part of the filmmaking duo - Cockcroft & Knott, Jason Knott manages to seamlessly combine stills and moving image on their shoots. This recent work focusses in on Michelin Star chef and owner of Restaurant 104 in Notting Hill, Richard Wilkins.

Tags: Jason Knott, moving image, Food29.9.2021

Gary Salter

Creativepool Annual 2021 Awards

Only 102 shopping days until Christmas, so an excuse to post this... Gary Salter's Santa for the British Retail Consortium, picked up the People's Choice prize in the OOH Creative category at the Creativepool Annual awards. 

Tags: Gary Salter, awards14.9.2021

AF Webb Moving Image

We’ve just added our new AF Webb’s motion to the site and it contains the same raw aesthetic as his stills. A showreel plus his wonderful film, “Rambutan” which he directed, filmed, produced and edited with the smallest possible team. That’ll be just himself!  We hope you like it… we’re really loving it.

Tags: AF Webb, moving image20.8.2021

James Bowden - New Berghaus

James Bowden's latest set of work for Berghaus and their A/W 21 range. See the moving image here.

Tags: James Bowden18.8.2021

CG Motion - Revenant

Introducing Revenant

We started representing CGI artists back in early 2005 and we think we were the first agents to do so. Sixteen years ago your mobile phone was pretty much just a phone and we remember how amazed we were as the creators at our Additive Studio pushed the boundaries of what was possible in stills CGI.

In the ensuing years, as we saw it all and did it all, you might almost say we got blasé about this incredible new art, but now we’re amazed all over again and thrilled to be working with Revenant (formerly Playdead). Revenant are an award-winning, design driven, VFX house dedicated to animation, motion graphics and real-time visuals. With several Bafta nominations and clients including the BBC, they are the very best. It’s a really personal service from lovely people. Have a look and we’re always here to tell you more.

Tags: revenant12.1.2022

Ilka & Franz

Haribo Christmas

Ilka & Franz shot this new set for Haribo. Bringing the family together for decorating day. 

Tags: Ilka and Franz, Christmas17.12.2021

James Bowden


New work from James Bowden, shot in his natual habitat - the great outdoors. Portraits of influencers for E.on. 

Tags: James Bowden, Portrait, outdoors15.12.2021

Chelsea Bloxsome

Knolling Soups

Chelsea Bloxomse is quite meticulous when it comes to her soup prep. Here's a lovely new graphic series entitled Knolling Soups, with depictions of Gazpacho, Minestrone and Pumpkin soup. 

Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Still Life2.12.2021

Jack Terry

Argos Christmas

It's December... which means we're allowed to show Christmas content now! Here's some new work for Argos from Jack Terry, shot alongside the filming of the TV commercial. 

Tags: Jack Terry, Christmas, alongside motion2.12.2021

James Bowden

New shots from Scotland

A new set of snaps from James Bowden from a recent trip to Scotland. 

Tags: James Bowden, reportage1.12.2021

AdGreen Trained

All of us in the office are completing the fantastic AdGreen Training scheme..  It’s been an eye opener and we’d love to discuss with you how we can all make shoots more sustainable and reduce CO2 emissions. 

If you’re a part of the production industry, you should sign up for the (free) next event

If there are fewer lone voices on future productions, we can make a real difference collectively.


Wilson Hennessy

Ford Tourneo

A lovely new series for Ford.

Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars, Still Life11.11.2021

Karen Thomas

New Images

Lovely shots and all the food can be part of your, ahem, "new healthy lifestyle".  If only...

Tags: Food, Karen Thomas, Drink10.11.2021

Greener Wheels

We’ve been conscious of our carbon foot print on photo-shoots for a long time now. Less disposables on shoot, less print-outs, veggie menus, encouraging green transport to work and so on, but when we sent our portfolios to clients we were still using couriers on four wheels. Well, now we’re greener, faster, fitter. And feeling smug that deliveries into central London are courtesy of our electric bicycle. A big shout goes out to the wonderful Bikes for Business and MPSmarterTravel scheme who encouraged us to do so.  


Gary Salter

Our new campaign for PWC is just breaking!

This seen out today at Euston Railway Station and five more to come. Great collaboration from agency and client throughout and great team on production our side too.

Tags: Gary Salter, Lifestyle18.10.2021

Jack Terry


Recent work from Jack Terry for Valspar. A mammoth shoot that involved decorating a location house top to bottom... then redecorating it back again. Lots of stills and moving image captured and a very happy client!

Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle11.10.2021

Ilka & Franz


New work from Ilka & Franz for Nectar UK. Stills and Motion (VOD), starring the  voiceover talents of Diane Morgan a.k.a Philomena Cunk.

Tags: moving image, Ilka and Franz30.9.2021

Marco Mori

West Midlands Trains TVC

If your TV commercial is going to consist solely of stills photography, you best get yourself a good photographer! Luckily Marco Mori was on hand for this recent spot for West Midlands Trains. 

Tags: Marco Mori, tv16.9.2021

NIck Dolding - NHS Covid 19

New work from Nick Dolding for Covid-19 and the NHS / Government. Produced and turned around within a week, in time for 'Freedom Day' and the nationwide easing of Covid-19 restrictions. 

Tags: Nick Dolding, covid, campaign6.9.2021

Introducing AF Webb

There’s nothing we like more than showing work that we can be pretty certain you haven’t seen before and launching it on an unsuspecting world. AF Webb’s portfolio is fizzing with energy and potential! 

Tags: Lifestyle, AF Webb, Experimental, Conceptual19.8.2021

Short & Sweet - Jurassic Park

Our short-form content specialists, Short & Sweet, bring toys to life in this latest homage to Juarassic Park. And we're  happy to say it cost significantly less than the Spielberg original to make! 

Tags: Short & Sweet, animation17.8.2021

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