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Samuel L. Jackson for Warburtons

2.4.2024 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity, Portrait, campaign

Samuel L. Jackson is the latest to be shot by our Gary Salter for Warburtons

Paul Whitehouse Get Your Guide

5.3.2024 | Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle, Celebrity, alongside motion

Uber One

30.10.2023 | Tags: Marco Mori, location,, alongside motion, Celebrity

New Warburtons Films feat. Samuel L. Jackson

9.10.2023 | Tags: moving image, Gary Salter, Celebrity, humour, Advert, campaign

Watch the full film featuring Samuel L. Jackson as Jonathan Warburton

Chelsea Bloxsome Juggles New Motherhood and Work in this fun BTS film

2.10.2023 | Tags: moving image, Gary Salter, Celebrity, humour, Advert, campaign

Fernando Alonso / Aston Martin

10.3.2023 | Tags: Marco Mori, People, Celebrity, alongside motion

NHS - Mental Health Matters

21.6.2022 | Tags: Portrait, Celebrity, Nick Dolding

Nick Dolding shot a host of familiar faces, including Nicola Roberts (Girls Aloud) and Max George (The Wanted) for the NHS and their Mental Health Matters campaign. 

Wilson Hennessy - Cinch

18.3.2021 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars, Celebrity

New work from Wilson Hennessy, shooting Rylan for the recent Cinch campaign. 

Ilka & Franz - Asa Butterfield / Sex Education

15.1.2020 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, Celebrity, Portrait

Ilka & Franz shot Asa Butterfield of Sex Education fame for the cover of Guardian Weekend magazine.

Nick Dolding - Double Helpings

7.1.2020 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Charity, Celebrity

Nick Dolding shot the brilliant Gilbert and George for Double Helpings, a great initiative feeding rough sleepers in Tower Hamlets.

Gary Salter - Warburtons

16.5.2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity, Portrait

Gary Salter is proud to be involved, once again, with the latest Warburtons Blockbuster.

Gary Salter - Ranulph Fiennes

7.3.2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity

Ahead of explorer Ranulph Fiennes birthday, Bear Grylls will be talking candidly to the adventurer at the Southbank Centre. Main image captured by Gary Salter.

Marco Mori - Anthony Joshua Under Armour

29.1.2019 | Tags: Marco Mori, sports, Celebrity

“Once that bell rings, it’s just you and the other guy” Marco Mori had a recent 1:1 with his favourite heavyweight, AJ, this time for Under Armour.

Marco Mori - Robbie Williams

11.1.2019 | Tags: Celebrity, Marco Mori

Usually Marco Mori gets in the ring with Anthony Joshua but this time it was Robbie Williams! Tough gig!

Gary Salter - SKY VIP

4.1.2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity

Soaring high with Gary Salter on his latest shoot for Sky! This time it's for their VIP loyalty programme. Much thanks to all involved.

Marco Mori Photographs Sir David Attenborough

22.11.2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, Celebrity

Marco Mori appeared on the 10 o clock news last night, shooting Sir David Attenborough. This was ahead of his (David that is!) speech on climate change in the UN. He will take up the UN's "people's seat" at the opening of crucial climate change talks in December in Poland. 

Working alongside a moving image shoot is second nature for Marco as he does this often. It’s all a question of working under the extreme pressure of having almost no time to get your shot!

Marco Mori - Anthony Joshua

24.9.2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, Celebrity, sports

Marco Mori, once again, comes face to face with undefeated UK heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua in this recent shoot for Lucozade Sport. 

Marco Mori - Vodafone

22.7.2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, Celebrity

Marco Mori had a lot of fun shooting Martin Freeman for Vodaphone! It's been great seeing these popping up in the city and we have some bonus shots on our website, right here.

Marco Mori - Anthony Joshua

19.4.2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, sports, Celebrity

Marco Mori stepped into the ring to capture this new set of images of the champ - Anthony Joshua. Shot during a sparring session in the build up to his big fight last month, Marco managed to go two rounds...

Nick Dolding shoots Martin Freeman

14.3.2018 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Portrait, Celebrity

Nick Dolding jumped on the back of Vodafone's latest TV spot to capture this shot of Martin Freeman in action. 

The Honest Player with Marco Mori

8.2.2017 | Tags: Celebrity, Portrait, Marco Mori

Marco Mori photographs Six Nations star George North for the new Gillette Campaign.

George Logan shoots James Cosmo

13.1.2017 | Tags: George Logan, Celebrity, Portrait

Seeing as “Winter is coming”, we thought it timely to show this wonderful picture by George Logan of Big Brother’s very own James Cosmo, shot for Bank of Scotland.

Tom Daley

13.7.2016 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Portrait, Celebrity, hair, beauty

Nick Dolding just photographed Tom Daley for Gillette.

Boss Bottled

30.6.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, Portrait, Celebrity, sports

Here's the new Boss Bottled campaign, shot by Marco Mori - featuring some of the beautiful game's most famous protagonists!

James Cosmo by George Logan

13.4.2016 | Tags: George Logan, Portrait, Celebrity

George Logan recently had the pleasure of shooting Game of Thrones star - James Cosmo for Bank of Scotland.

Nick Dolding shoots Alex Brooker for Channel 4

21.3.2016 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Celebrity, Portrait

Nick Dolding just shot presentor Alex Brooker for Channel 4 ahead of their coverage of the Paralympic games this coming summer.

Gary Salter shoots Sylvester Stallone for new Warburtons Campaign

13.4.2015 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait, Celebrity

We've had to keep this one under wraps for quite some time, but we're excited to be able to show Gary Salter's latest campaign for Warburtons.

Featuring none other than Mr. Rocky himself - Sylvester Stallone!

This was shot for Warburtons fantastic #TheDeliverers campaign, which you'll be seeing a lot of over the coming weeks.

Gary is of course no stranger to shooting celebrities. See more over in his folio.

Gary Salter shoots for MTV's 'The Valleys'

4.4.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity

Gary Salter just shot this new image for the second series of MTV's The Valleys. What a ruckus!

George Logan shoots Lizzy on team GB!

5.8.2012 | Tags: George Logan, Portrait, sports, Celebrity

Congratulations to Lizzie on Team GB's first medal of the Olympics! To see more of Georges commissioned work click here.

Gary Salter - Geordie Shore

8.6.2012 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity

Season 3, 5000 miles, 9 Geordies, one hell of a holiday. Be afraid, Gary Salter was!

More of Gary's commissions here.

Gary Salter for Absolute Radio

1.1.2012 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity, Portrait

Gary's been working with some familiar faces recently... Faces For Radio! It's his second campaign for Absolute Radio, this time working with Creative Director Michael Campbell and creatives Laura Muse and Jack Gallon. More...

To see Gary's online gallery click here.

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