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Life, Love, Food

1.5.2024 | Tags: James Bowden, location,, Lifestyle, outdoors

We've created a new gallery 'Life, Love, Food' to showcase some of James Bowden's latest photos of family life.

The Electoral Commission

9.4.2024 | Tags: Nick Dolding, alongside motion, campaign, Model,, location,

Land and Water

20.3.2024 | Tags: James Bowden, location,, Lifestyle, outdoors, Model,

Don't Imprison the Wind

20.11.2023 | Tags: James Bowden, landscape, location,, Lifestyle, outdoors

New short film co-directed by James Bowden

Uber One

30.10.2023 | Tags: Marco Mori, location,, alongside motion, Celebrity

Meet Madri...

20.7.2023 | Tags: Marco Mori, location,, studio, campaign

Introducing Samuel McElwee!

27.6.2023 | Tags: Sam McElwee, location,, Portrait, Advert, Sam

Google / Vice

25.4.2023 | Tags: Jack Terry, location,


24.4.2023 | Tags: James Bowden, location,

So near Yeti so far

27.3.2023 | Tags: Gary Salter, studio, location,, Advert

LUXe Specsavers

9.3.2023 | Tags: Marco Mori, People, Advert, location,


7.3.2023 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Portrait, location,, People

NHS Once a Nurse

23.2.2023 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Portrait, location,

Once a nurse, always a nurse.

Shots by Nick Dolding celebrating the wonderful healthcare professionals of our NHS.


22.2.2023 | Tags: Jack Lawson, location,

Snaps by Jack Lawson for Kanona Streetwear. 


6.2.2023 | Tags: location,, studio, People, Gary Salter


Part 2!


2.2.2023 | Tags: Lifestyle, James Bowden, Portrait, outdoors, People, location,

James Bowden has done it again, another beautiful series for Finisterre. 

Throwback Thursday

19.1.2023 | Tags: fashion, campaign, Morten Borgestad, location,



Any excuse for us to post this series by Morten Borgestad for Eric Bompard. 

O Gary, Gary, wherefore art thou Gary?

19.12.2022 | Tags: Gary Salter, studio, location,

O Gary, Gary, wherefore art thou Gary?

Latest from Gary Salter with the help of the amazing team at The Production Factory.  Another one to add to his Amazon series. 


NHS 111

15.12.2022 | Tags: Morten Borgestad, studio, location,, on location, People



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