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Uber One

30.10.2023 | Tags: Marco Mori, location,, alongside motion, Celebrity

Meet Madri...

20.7.2023 | Tags: Marco Mori, location,, studio, campaign

Fernando Alonso / Aston Martin

10.3.2023 | Tags: Marco Mori, People, Celebrity, alongside motion

LUXe Specsavers

9.3.2023 | Tags: Marco Mori, People, Advert, location,


21.11.2022 | Tags: Marco Mori, Portrait

Barclaycard Business

4.10.2022 | Tags: Marco Mori, alongside motion, People, Advert

The Open University

3.10.2022 | Tags: alongside motion, Marco Mori

West Midlands Trains TVC

16.9.2021 | Tags: Marco Mori, tv

If your TV commercial is going to consist solely of stills photography, you best get yourself a good photographer! Luckily Marco Mori was on hand for this recent spot for West Midlands Trains. 

Marco Mori - British Beer Alliance

16.7.2021 | Tags: Marco Mori, back of tv

It’s hard to overstate the importance of pubs and brewing to the UK. Culturally, economically and socially they play a significant role in our lives. The last year has reminded all of us what we miss when our social lives are restricted, and for many, the pub is at the heart of that. Marco Mori recently shot this evocative series for the British Beer Alliance.

Marco Mori - Alzheimer's Society

30.4.2021 | Tags: Marco Mori

New work from Marco Mori in this latest campaign for the Alzheimer's Society, supporting those with Dementia.

Marco Mori - UK Government

9.4.2021 | Tags: Marco Mori, covid

"Let's take this next step safely". New work for @ukgovofficial from Marco Mori ahead of the high street reopening on Monday

Marco Mori - British Fashion Council

17.3.2021 | Tags: Marco Mori, Portrait, Charity, fashion

Marco Mori recently teamed up with Vanish and the British Fashion Council to put together a fashion shoot called ‘Rewear Edit’ only using discarded clothing - raising awareness of the 350,000 tonnes of clothing that go to landfill in the U.K. each year.

Marco Mori - Generali

22.1.2021 | Tags: Marco Mori, back of tv

New work from Marco Mori. This recent campaign for Generali was shot on the back of the TV shoot, something we're very familiar with now. It means very tight windows of opportunity for capturing the shots, and when those shots are going to be used as ads on poster sites, you need to get it right! There are lots of potential pitfalls, but we can guide you towards getting the best result.

Marco Mori - EDF 'Busy Doing Nothing'

30.10.2020 | Tags: Marco Mori, bts, back of tv

Marco Mori spent a few days shadowing EDF employees for their 'Busy Doing Nothing' campaign, an extensive stills campaign supporting the TVCs that are on air now.

Marco Mori - FC Barcelona

11.6.2020 | Tags: Marco Mori, sports

We're happy to be able to show some pre-lockdown work from Marco Mori, who had the opportunity to shoot the Barcelona first team.

Stay Home Heroes Campaign

29.4.2020 | Tags: home working, Gary Salter, Marco Mori, George Logan, Jack Terry, Charity

What better way to show our capabilities of working from home with a whole new campaign of images, shot for a great initiative, encouraging people to protect the NHS by being "Stay Home Heroes".

Marco Mori - Bupa

12.2.2020 | Tags: Marco Mori

New BUPA work by Marco Mori for mental health, these two are part of a series.

Marco Mori - On The Beach

24.1.2020 | Tags: Marco Mori, in print

Marco Mori shoots the latest campaign for On the Beach. Up on posters all over London as we speak.⁣⁣

Marco Mori - Barclaycard

18.9.2019 | Tags: Marco Mori

In the ring with Barclaycard by Marco Mori

Marco Mori - Personal Work Asia

9.8.2019 | Tags: Marco Mori, on location, reportage

Marco Mori shot some great personal work in Thailand

Marco Mori - Anthony Joshua Under Armour

29.1.2019 | Tags: Marco Mori, sports, Celebrity

“Once that bell rings, it’s just you and the other guy” Marco Mori had a recent 1:1 with his favourite heavyweight, AJ, this time for Under Armour.

Marco Mori - Robbie Williams

11.1.2019 | Tags: Celebrity, Marco Mori

Usually Marco Mori gets in the ring with Anthony Joshua but this time it was Robbie Williams! Tough gig!

Marco Mori Photographs Sir David Attenborough

22.11.2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, Celebrity

Marco Mori appeared on the 10 o clock news last night, shooting Sir David Attenborough. This was ahead of his (David that is!) speech on climate change in the UN. He will take up the UN's "people's seat" at the opening of crucial climate change talks in December in Poland. 

Working alongside a moving image shoot is second nature for Marco as he does this often. It’s all a question of working under the extreme pressure of having almost no time to get your shot!

Marco Mori - Anthony Joshua

24.9.2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, Celebrity, sports

Marco Mori, once again, comes face to face with undefeated UK heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua in this recent shoot for Lucozade Sport. 

Marco Mori - Boxing

24.8.2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, sports

One of the UK's youngest and most talented boxers, Lawrence Okolie, is featured in this series by Marco Mori. Undefeated in every official fight, yet Marco's shoot went the full distance!

Marco Mori - Vodafone

22.7.2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, Celebrity

Marco Mori had a lot of fun shooting Martin Freeman for Vodaphone! It's been great seeing these popping up in the city and we have some bonus shots on our website, right here.

Marco Mori - Screwfix

12.7.2018 | Tags: Marco Mori

England could have done with some of these legends last night! A World Cup campaign for ScrewFix, shot by Marco Mori.

Marco Mori - Anthony Joshua

19.4.2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, sports, Celebrity

Marco Mori stepped into the ring to capture this new set of images of the champ - Anthony Joshua. Shot during a sparring session in the build up to his big fight last month, Marco managed to go two rounds...

Marco mori - Barclays

22.3.2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, Portrait

Marco Mori has been filling billboards nationwide with this latest campaign for Barclays.

International Women's Day - Marco Mori

8.3.2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, children, Portrait

Marco Mori just shot this powerful set of portraits for Vodafone in celebration of International Women's Day. 

New from Marco Mori - Barclays

28.2.2018 | Tags: Marco Mori, Portrait

No escaping Marco Mori these days! Another great set of photos in press and on poster taken for Barclays.

Marco Mori - New Vodafone

4.12.2017 | Tags: Marco Mori, on location

Good to see Marco Mori’s latest Vodafone work for Ogilvy out in press., part of a new series.

Marco Mori - More from M&S 'Spend it Well'

18.5.2017 | Tags: Marco Mori, Lifestyle

More of Marco's new work with the M&S 'Spend It Well' campaign.

Marco Mori - M&S 'Spend it Well'

5.5.2017 | Tags: Marco Mori, Lifestyle

Marco Mori is back from shooting in Barcelona with the lovely crew from Grey London for Marks & Spencer.

The Honest Player with Marco Mori

8.2.2017 | Tags: Celebrity, Portrait, Marco Mori

Marco Mori photographs Six Nations star George North for the new Gillette Campaign.

Marco Mori - Brand New Portfolio!

12.1.2017 | Tags: Marco Mori

We are so pleased to have Marco's new portfolio. Looking forward to showing it over the next couple of months!

See more of Marco's work here

Marco Mori's latest for Vodafone

18.8.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, Lifestyle

Marco Mori has continued his partnership with Vodafone... This time to promote their Home Broadband.

Classically Greek - Portraits from Marco Mori

4.8.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, observational, Travel

Even more new work from Marco Mori! He's been photographing some of Santorini's local characters.

Sicily by Marco Mori

3.8.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, observational, Portrait

Summer has well and truly begun in the UK.. and may already be over. Marco Mori has been out in Sicily reminding us what summer looks like. 

Miller Light - Marco Mori

21.7.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, Drink

Marco Mori has just shot this new campaign for Miller Light.

Spotted - Marco Mori's Moretti on Brick Lane

20.7.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, landscape, Still Life, observational, Drink

If you go down to Brick Lane today you'll see Marco Mori's fantastic new poster for Birra Moretti

Boss Bottled

30.6.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, Portrait, Celebrity, sports

Here's the new Boss Bottled campaign, shot by Marco Mori - featuring some of the beautiful game's most famous protagonists!

Vodafone - Marco Mori & Chelsea Bloxsome

8.6.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Still Life

Marco Mori and Chelsea Bloxsome have just joined forces on this new campaign for Vodafone. 

Bouquets of Kindness

26.4.2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Marco Mori

It was smiles all round at Floral Angels after they recieved over 7000 tulips, kindly donated by Vodafone, following a recent shoot with our Marco Mori and Chelsea Bloxsome.

Introducing... Marco Mori

10.4.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, Lifestyle, Portrait

We're happy to announce the newest member to the Horton-Stephens stable - Mr. Marco Mori.

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