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National Rail

28.2.2024 | Tags: People, Model,, Megan Eagles,, Lifestyle, Travel




6.12.2023 | Tags: People, Megan Eagles,, Travel, Model,, Lifestyle


Meghan Eagles shot an authentic travel story to show how Airbnb Rooms helps guests to experience a place like a local

Lilian, Kenya

30.8.2023 | Tags: Lifestyle, Travel, People, Personal

Soil & Sand

9.1.2023 | Tags: James Bowden, People, outdoors, Travel

Last year James Bowden travelled to Nicaragua along with two friends and a vague idea of a collaborative project, something to celebrate their shared passions for Coffee, Surfing, Travel and Photography. Soil & Sand was the outcome.

Soil & Sand is a limited edition book and coffee box set. It features two distinctively beautiful coffees sourced direct from the producers he met and a photo book documenting the journey from the fertile soils of the mountains, to the scorching sands of the pacific coast. 

Here are a few snippets shot by James from the book. 

Jason Knott Shoots for P&O Cruises

29.6.2022 | Tags: Lifestyle, Travel

A great client, fabulous new ship and lots of sunshine.  Thanks, P&O, for having us on board!


21.2.2022 | Tags: Travel, reportage, Portrait

Jack Lawson's work revolves around real people and the stories they have to tell. This series is of Wisdom, a blind footballer that he met whilst shooting in Ghana. Shot on the pitch, lit by the floodlights. 

James Bowden - New Finisterre

4.3.2021 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel

The last thing you want to see in the middle of a national lockdown.... shots of travel and the great outdoors! But what lovely shots they are. Shot by our James Bowden for outdoors brand Finisterre. 

James Bowden - Holi Festival India

9.5.2019 | Tags: James Bowden, Travel

James Bowden observed Holi whilst on his travels in India.

Nick Dolding - Sri Lanka Trip

25.3.2019 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Travel

Nick Dolding was in Sri Lanka for a short while, where he took these pictures.

James Bowden - TUI

21.3.2019 | Tags: James Bowden, Travel

Very often James is used to seeing more rugged climes, but he was fortunate enough to shoot recently for Tui. We're told that he has now acquired something of a taste for luxury, azure waters and cushioned sun-loungers.

Jason Knott - Thomas Cook Video

22.1.2019 | Tags: Food, Travel

Jason Knott had a great shoot late last year with Thomas Cook at a series of very nice hotels. He was shooting both stills and moving image. Thanks to all involved.

Jason Knott Shoots for P&O

16.11.2018 | Tags: Travel

Jason Knott carries on cruising, all hands on deck! 

Gary Salter - Torremolinos

23.10.2018 | Tags: Gary Salter, reportage, Travel

Life's a beach. Gary Salter shoots in Torremolinos. Find these shots in Gary's "Observations" gallery.

Wilson Hennessy - Toyota USA

15.10.2018 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars, Travel

Wilson Hennessy shot a new brand Campaign for Toyota in the US, commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi. The sets were built in Costa Mesa, California.The fantastic locations are in Downtown LA and the nearby hills! 

Wilson Hennessy - Top Gear

26.9.2018 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Travel, Cars

Top Gear turned 25! To commemorate the occasion Wilson Hennessy took these great shots!

Nick Dolding - Inflatables

21.9.2018 | Tags: Nick Dolding, on location, Travel

New jealousy inducing shots from Nick Dolding as the the summer season draws to a close...just like the sunset in this series! 

Gary Salter - Colombia

10.8.2018 | Tags: Gary Salter, Travel

Gary Salter was shooting in Colombia recently and these shots are amongst our favourites.

Nick Dolding - Cape Verde

23.5.2018 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Lifestyle, sports, Travel

We love this new series from Nick Dolding! Shot whilst travelling in Cape Verde recently. See more of Nick's portraiture and lifestyle work over in his gallery here.

James Bowden - Finisterre

22.11.2017 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel

James Bowden caught another wave for Finisterre, a clothing brand for which he has a natural outdoors affinity and with whom he has collaborated for many years.

Nick Dolding - Vietnam

2.5.2017 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Portrait, Travel

Oh for the love of noodles... this from Vietnam by Nick Dolding.

The latest from James Bowden

26.1.2017 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel

James Bowden gets around! Here's a new set of images from his latest adventures.

George Logan - Thomson TUI

4.1.2017 | Tags: George Logan, Lifestyle, on location, Travel

George Logan captures the holiday of dreams in his latest campaign with Thomson TUI. 

James Bowden - Monster Children Winner!

2.12.2016 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel, awards

Congratulations James, who came first in the lifestyle category in the Monster Children Photo Prize for this beauty of a shot from his recent travels in Norway. 

Tattooed Women of Myanmar

5.9.2016 | Tags: Travel, Portrait

Domenico Pugliese has just returned from a personal adventure, photographing the tattooed women of Myanmar (Burma). 

New work by James Bowden

31.8.2016 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel

James Bowden continues his adventures into the wild. 

Classically Greek - Portraits from Marco Mori

4.8.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, observational, Travel

Even more new work from Marco Mori! He's been photographing some of Santorini's local characters.

New from James Bowden

23.3.2016 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel, landscape

James Bowden is back from another trip away. As usual the great outdoors and surfing beckoned and he was travelling for over a month. We miss him when he’s away, but as he came back with another armful of photos, we couldn’t complain.

James Bowden - Iceland

12.11.2015 | Tags: James Bowden, Travel, Portrait, Lifestyle

Here's a new set of images from James Bowden, from his latest trip to Iceland.

Lots more adventure filled work over in James' gallery - here

Hitting the surf with James Bowden

18.6.2015 | Tags: James Bowden, Travel, Lifestyle

Not many appreciate the surf like our James Bowden.

He'll travel far and wide chasing the perfect wave. In fact, you'll currently find him doing just that in Tasmania and Australia.

James will be back on local soil in the coming weeks, armed with a whole new bunch of photographs no doubt!

Jason Knott - Subaru

3.6.2015 | Tags: Cars, Lifestyle, Travel

A couple of Subaru cars, a bunch of models and some stunning locations is all you need to create the perfect lifestyle car campaign! 

Oh and of course a top class photographer! In this instance, the fantastic Jason Knott

Platform - Carolina Reid

21.5.2015 | Tags: Platform, Lifestyle, Travel

Have you checked out our new Platform section yet, showcasing the very newest talent? Carolina Reid is the latest addition, and we're extremely excited to show you her work. 

Carolina's portfolio revolves around her extensive travel. We love her sense of colour and ability to capture life and culture around the world.

Here's a selection of our favourites, but there's lots more to see over in her gallery - here.

James Bowden - New Commissions

| Tags: James Bowden, sports, Travel

James Bowden sets sail again with a whole new bunch of commissioned work. This is just a teaser...more coming soon!

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