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George Logan - Scarface

Today we mourn the natural death of Kenyan Lion - Scarface. Of whom our George Logan has photographed numerous times over the years as part of his important conservation work with The Born Free Foundation. The Guardian published a fantastic article, with accompanying words and images from George. See that here.

Tags: George Logan, animals, Charity18.6.2021

Ilka & Franz - Mokka

We've been meaning to show our work for Mokka with a fantastic team at Truant London. An interesting way of working too after a positive Covid test the Saturday before a Monday shoot meant that Ilka & Franz had to art direct remotely. No panic… everyone cool as cucumbers!

Tags: Ilka and Franz4.6.2021

Morten Borgestad - LOFavør

More new work from Morten Borgestad, shot for Norwegian client LOFavør, who offer legal aid services. Whether that's for the neighbour's new hedge blocking your sun spot, inheriting your friends dog or misleading online auction ads as depicted here.

Tags: Morten Borgestad17.5.2021

Morten Borgestad - 'High Shoulders'

New work from Morten Borgestad, and the first of a whole bunch of new projects - boths stills and moving image, of which we'll be able to share over the coming weeks.

Tags: Morten Borgestad, humour13.5.2021

Marco Mori - Alzheimer's Society

New work from Marco Mori in this latest campaign for the Alzheimer's Society, supporting those with Dementia.

Tags: Marco Mori30.4.2021

Ilka & Franz - Virgin Active

New work from Ilka & Franz for Virgin Active. See more of their moving image work here.

Tags: Ilka and Franz16.4.2021

Marco Mori - UK Government

"Let's take this next step safely". New work for @ukgovofficial from Marco Mori ahead of the high street reopening on Monday

Tags: Marco Mori, covid9.4.2021

Moving Image - Louis-Jack

Louis-Jack, has managed to keep shooting through lockdown. Whilst he has two films in post, his short film Petrichor, starring Paul Kaye and Clive Russell.

Tags: Louis-Jack, moving image18.3.2021

Jack Terry - Utility Warehouse

New work from Jack Terry. Shadowing the TV commercial, documenting the self-employed for Utility Warehouse.

Tags: Jack Terry, back of tv18.3.2021

Nick Dolding - Vanarama

Another great set of character portraits from Nick Dolding in this new set of work for Vanarama.

Tags: Nick Dolding, Cars, Portrait17.3.2021

James Bowden - New Finisterre

The last thing you want to see in the middle of a national lockdown.... shots of travel and the great outdoors! But what lovely shots they are. Shot by our James Bowden for outdoors brand Finisterre. 

Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel4.3.2021

Chelsea Bloxsome - Source to Sauce

Source to Sauce, a new series from Chelsea Bloxsome in collaboration with food stylist Liam Baker.

Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, animation18.2.2021

Ilka & Franz - Biszko

Biszko joins the dynamic duo that is Ilka & Franz. Now that he deals with accounts, awards and hiding under a blanket if anything goes wrong, they will be unstoppable!

Tags: Ilka and Franz, animals15.2.2021

Karen Thomas - New M&S

A lovely new set of work from Karen Thomas for M&S Food.

Tags: Karen Thomas, Food10.2.2021

Wilson Hennessy - BT 'Connected Experiences'

Wilson Hennessy was commissioned by Wunderman Thompson to collaborate with @perceptual_art on this recent BT campaign.

Tags: Wilson Hennessy, stop frame, Still Life3.2.2021

Cockroft & Knott

Jason Knott has bolstered his moving image offering in a recent collaboration with fellow creative Paul Cockroft, creating the partnership "Cockroft & Knott". Here's their latest lifestyle reel, but head over to Horton's Short'Uns to see more, including their automotive work.

Tags: moving image, Jason Knott26.1.2021

Marco Mori - Generali

New work from Marco Mori. This recent campaign for Generali was shot on the back of the TV shoot, something we're very familiar with now. It means very tight windows of opportunity for capturing the shots, and when those shots are going to be used as ads on poster sites, you need to get it right! There are lots of potential pitfalls, but we can guide you towards getting the best result.

Tags: Marco Mori, back of tv22.1.2021

Ilka & Franz - Grace Dent

Ilka & Franz shot Grace Dent for the Guardian Feast, ahead of the release of her new podcast - "Comfort Eating".

Tags: Ilka and Franz15.6.2021

Introducing Jack Lawson

One of the most pleasurable parts of our profession is launching new talent on an unsuspecting world! We always keep our eyes open but rarely find someone that feels just right.  We loved Jack Lawson’s work the moment we saw it and it’s a great mix of lifestyle alongside some amazing personal projects from Uganda and Ghana. His gallery is now live!

Tags: Lifestyle, Jack Lawson17.5.2021

Karen Thomas - New work

Perhaps the best bacon sandwich you're likely to see in a while! A fantastic set of new work from Karen Thomas.

Tags: Karen Thomas, Food16.5.2021

George Logan - The End of Canned Hunting

The South African government have announced their intention to finally ban trophy hunting of captive-bred lions. George Logan shot these concepts to highlight what is the single most abhorrent, disgusting practice facing lions and feature in his book - Lion: Pride Before the Fall.

Tags: George Logan, animals, Charity13.5.2021

Karen Thomas - Pink Lady Awards

Congratulations to Karen Thomas who took away second place in the Food Film Shorts category at the international Pink Lady Awards with her Asian Food film.

Tags: Karen Thomas, Food27.4.2021

Karen Thomas - Circulon

Karen Thomas adds to her ever expanding director's reel with this new spot for Circulon cookware. You can see more of her moving image work over at Horton's Short'Uns

Tags: Karen Thomas, Food16.4.2021

Karen Thomas - From Here to There

Karen Thomas takes us on a caffeine fuelled coffee journey - from bean to cup in the latest example of her directing skills, From Here to There. We have an updated selection of work directed by her online over at Horton's Short'Uns.

Tags: Karen Thomas, Food, Drink, moving image18.3.2021

Wilson Hennessy - DVLA

Wilson Hennessy hit the streets with his giant post-it pad in this new DVLA campaign. A gentle reminder to check your vehicle tax! 

Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars18.3.2021

Wilson Hennessy - Cinch

New work from Wilson Hennessy, shooting Rylan for the recent Cinch campaign. 

Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars, Celebrity18.3.2021

Marco Mori - British Fashion Council

Marco Mori recently teamed up with Vanish and the British Fashion Council to put together a fashion shoot called ‘Rewear Edit’ only using discarded clothing - raising awareness of the 350,000 tonnes of clothing that go to landfill in the U.K. each year.

Tags: Marco Mori, Portrait, Charity, fashion17.3.2021

Gary Salter NHS

This month we were involved with something that might just help save someone’s life. M&C Saatchi have just launched more excellent work for the NHS and this latest campaign, shot by Gary Salter, highlights the need to watch out for the warning signs of Lung Cancer, something somewhat sidelined by Covid.

Tags: Gary Salter2.3.2021

Pancake Day

We never pass up the opportunity to post pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. These courtesy of Karen Thomas

Tags: Karen Thomas, Food16.2.2021

Wilson Hennessy - GQ Awards

Wilson Hennessy recently had the opportunity to shoot a lot of cool cars for the GQ Awards. Included is the iconic DeLorean, the super cool Audi Quattro Sport, but our personal favourite has got to be the Citroen Ami!

Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars12.2.2021

Ilka & Franz - Public Health England

Another set of animations from Ilka & Franz for Public Health England with M&C Saatchi. See their complete moving image offering here

Tags: Ilka and Franz, gif, moving image, stop frame, animation5.2.2021

Chelsea Bloxsome - Kellogg's

New work for Kellogg's from Chelsea Bloxsome. This new campaign benefitted from Chelsea's signature graphic food photography approach. See more in here gallery here

Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, graphic, campaign1.2.2021

George Logan - BBC coverage

George Logan's important project focussing on Lion conservation - "Lion: Pride Before the Fall" is getting some important coverage and endorsement on the BBC today! See the full feature here.

Tags: George Logan, Charity25.1.2021

Additive - Alpine F1

A new set of images created by our Additive CGI - the new Alpine F1 car. And yes, these cars are all 100% CGI! See more of Additive's car work - here

Tags: CGI, Cars, on location20.1.2021

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