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Articles Tagged: Karen Thomas

Pancake Day

16 February 2021 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

We never pass up the opportunity to post pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. These courtesy of Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas - New M&S

10 February 2021 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

A lovely new set of work from Karen Thomas for M&S Food.

Karen Thomas - Lidl Xmas

31 October 2020 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Christmas

New work from Karen Thomas for Lidl's Xmas campaign. 

Karen Thomas - M&S

29 October 2020 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Time to start thinking about that Christmas buffet! New work from Karen Thomas for M&S. 

Karen Thomas - Birdseye Meat Free

14 October 2020 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

With all the appearance of meat, the Birds Eye Green Cuisine range had us all fooled and Karen Thomas’ lovely photography made us all want this meatiest of meat free meals.

Lockdown Q&A - Karen Thomas

28 April 2020 | Tags: Karen Thomas, lockdown q&a

Karen Thomas answers a few questions in the next Lockdown Q&A.

Karen Thomas - Pie Week

3 March 2020 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

A beautiful series of pies captured by Karen Thomas for Pie Week!

Karen Thomas - Love at First Sip

14 February 2020 | Tags: Drink, Food, Karen Thomas

A special Valentines Costa served up by our very own Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas - Costa Xmas 19

27 November 2019 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food, Drink, Christmas

Karen Thomas has shot all of Costa's Xmas 2019 in-store material. Keep an eye out next time you're grabbing your morning cup. 

Karen Thomas

11 November 2019 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Lifestyle, Food

Karen Thomas Shot on location in Camden, Sam's 'Secretly Easy' Choc Key Lime Pie is delicious. Yum!

Karen Thomas - Costa

11 September 2019 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Drink

Karen Thomas shot some delicious motion for Costa, more moving image through here

Karen Thomas - Costa Iced Drinks 2019

8 May 2019 | Tags: Drink, Karen Thomas

Cool and smooth...that’s Karen Thomas latest work for Costa’s lovely summer drinks.


Happy International Carrot Day!

4 April 2019 | Tags: George Logan, Ilka and Franz, Karen Thomas

It’s International Carrot day and we’ve been shooting them so often we now work at even lower ISO (little photographer joke for you there)...  these pictures from our photographers: Karen Thomas, Ilka & Franz and George Logan.

Happy International Women's Day!

8 March 2019 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, promotional, Karen Thomas, Chelsea Bloxsome

On this special day we thought we'd share our favourite pictures from the women on our roster, Karen Thomas, Chelsea Bloxsome and Ilka (from Ilka & Franz)

Karen Thomas - Costa 2019

15 January 2019 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food, Drink

Tasty, a little bit saucy and very glamorous. And that's just Karen Thomas!  New work for Costa with BBH London.

Karen Thomas - Moving Image Showreel

4 October 2018 | Tags: Karen Thomas, moving image

Karen Thomas has been shooting as much moving image as stills lately, so we’re pleased to post her new showreel!

New From Karen Thomas

28 September 2018 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Karen Thomas specialises in mouthwatering photography. Here's her latest series.

Karen Thomas - McDonalds

21 August 2018 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food, moving image

Karen Thomas shot McDonald's top of the range "Signature" series of burgers for stills and motion. The moving image required extreme resolution so that it could run across 4 large screens so we shot in entirely 8K! Want to see more of her moving image? Simply click here! Thanks to the team at TMS!

Karen Thomas - Costa Imax

16 May 2018 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Drink, Food, in print

Karen Thomas' new work for Costa is currently wrapped around the BFI IMAX at waterloo - it doesn't get much bigger than that! Keep your eyes peeled for a whole new raft of Costa work coming soon...

Karen Thomas - Activia

8 March 2018 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Karen Thomas has just added these new ads for Activia to her ever growing folio of graphic food photography.

Every Lidl Thing for Christmas by Karen Thomas

8 November 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

From a Sprout Wreath to Blini Baubles... Karen Thomas photographed Lidl's festive treats for their Christmas campaign. 

Sainsbury's Living Well with Karen Thomas

4 September 2017 | Tags: Food, Karen Thomas

Waking up on a Sunday morning to the sounds and smells of a tasty breakfast being cooked, that’s Living Well. A new short stop frame animation for Sainsbury's, with food shot by Karen Thomas.

Table Squish with Karen Thomas

29 August 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Karen Thomas recently shot for the latest Sainsbury's campaign, 'Table Squish': A table full of delicious summer food recipes from chicken, pasta and fish to share with your family and friends. 

Marks & Spencer Dine's in with Karen Thomas... again!

3 August 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Marks & Spencer's re-ran a campaign on Friday which was shot by Karen Thomas. They must love her work... almost as much as we love their £10 Dine in for Two deal!

Karen Thomas - Sainsbury's 'Living Well'

5 July 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Karen Thomas was delighted to be involved with the latest Sainsbury's summer campaign, 'Living Well'.

Marks & Spencer celebrates Easter-time with Karen Thomas

2 May 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

The countdown to Easter weekend has begun. Karen shoots a selection of yummy hot cross buns with M&S. 

Karen Thomas - Mother's Day with M&S

31 March 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Still Life

Karen Thomas shoots beautiful bouquets for Marks and Spencer in the run up to Mother's day.

Take a look at Karen's work here.

Karen Thomas - Feeling Peckish!

24 March 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Karen recently shot this sweet stop motion series with chocolate cake and delicious hot-cross buns... Grab them before they go!

See more of Karens mouthwatering work here.

Introducing... Karen Thomas

12 January 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

As the world welcomes a new year we welcome a new photographer to the team. It is a pleasure to introduce Karen Thomas to the Horton-Stephens family!

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