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Wilson Hennessy's exploding shoot with Audi

19 November 2013 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars

Isn't it great to receive the perfect brief! Something you know is going to look stunning on the printed page.

When Wilson Hennessy received the brief for this shoot for Audi Magazine, he had all the right skills in his repertoire to pull it off in style.

We know how well he shoots cars, and we've seen his beautiful paint explosion shots. Put them together and you get this!

Good work Wil! See more of Wil's fantastic car and still-life photography here.

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Alan Mahon mixes it up in a new project

19 November 2013 | Tags: Alan Mahon, sports

We started working with the excellent Alan Mahon again earlier this year. He's been keeping busy working on a new project, where he shoots backgrounds on location, then shoots the talent separately, duplicating the light of the original location in the studio.


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