Covid 2021 Update

5.1.2021 | Tags: lockdown, Wilson Hennessy, covid

Here's the latest news from the APA resulting from the Prime Minister's announcements on 4th January.  This response is echoed by the AOP and ourselves.

The whole country will move into Tier 5. The principle change from current restrictions is that all schools will close for at least six weeks, except for children of key workers and vulnerable children. Also the extremely vulnerable are advised to shield (and avoid working if they cannot work from home).

There is a "work from home where you can" message, but once again it was made clear and continues to be the case that you may continue to work outside the home where your work cannot be done at home - so attending recces and productions, in studios or on locations, and such other aspects of the production process that cannot be performed at home continue to be permitted.

For APA members, agencies and advertisers; nothing changes in terms of restrictions and we share a confidence, based on the extraordinary efforts of everyone involved in production managing shoots safely and avoiding cancellations, that we have built a foundation for safe production going forward.

To summarise, our industry still has an enormous will to keep working and we've become very well-used to the safest possible production processes.

Bigger studios to give more working space, reduced crew sizes and remote shoot attendance via video feed, dedicated covid medics on shoot and options to test (with 15 minute response) all attendees, organising back-up locations and talent, contingency plans for covering illness of key workers on shoot, etc.  It's all a part of our armoury on any shoot planning. We also currently recommend a rapid test each shoot day for shoot attendees and ideally a PCR test for each attendee giving results the day before shoot.

Call us anytime to discuss more fully.

Image credit - Wilson Hennessy 

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